Terroage Akiu bicycle tour
Terroage Akiu bicycle tour
Terroage Akiu bicycle tour
Terroage Akiu bicycle tour
Terroage Akiu bicycle tour

Tour #1 "Terroage"
Akiu bicycle tour

  • Miyagi
  • Wine

A bicycle tour to experience the "Terroir"with your five senses at Akiu, the local hot spring village of Sendai. The 160-year old residential building, "Akiusha," is the start and the endpoint of this tour. Raise your glasses and say "cheers!" with the wine from Akiu winery and a special lunch menu created with locally sourced ingredients.


  • A guided cycling tour to experience the "Terroir" of Akiu
  • The 160-year old residential dwelling, "Akiusha," is the start and the endpoint
  • Special lunch created by the artist-chefs at the"Akiusha" using locally sourced ingredients
  • Selection of paired wine from Akiu Winery (Non-alcoholic wine also available)
  • Akiusha


    The 160-year-old restored and converted residential building, "Akiusha," is the start and the endpoint of the tour.
  • Rural scenery

    Rural scenery

    Peaceful and quintessential rural Japanese scenery continues. Feel the "Terroir" of Akiu with your five senses.
  • Oota tofu store

    Oota tofu store

    Take a break at the long-established tofu store rooted in the community ever since the Edo period. Make sure you try their specialty, the triangle deep-fried tofu, and soy milk.
  • Akiu shrine

    Akiu shrine

    Many worshippers visit the deity of "Shoubu" (meaning challenge or contest) at the Akiu shrine. Many "Nobori" flags decorate the approach to the shrine.
  • Akiu Winery

    Akiu Winery

    Visit and tour the vineyards and see the brewing process at "Akiu Winery." Can buy wine as a sourvenier.
  • Special lunch

    Special lunch

    Enjoy a special lunch using locally sourced ingredients, full of Akiu character along with wine from Akiu Winery.

※ All images are for illustration purposes.

※ Menu shown as an example and will vary on seasonal availabilities.
※ not to drink while cycling

Tour details

Akiusha → Oota Tofu Store → Akiu Shrine → Akiu Winery → Akiusha (Lunch)
※ Schedule dependent on participants, season and weather

【Meeting place】 Akiusha(9-4 Nozoki, Yumoto, Akiumachi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
【Participants】 Max participants 10 persons (Minimum 1 person)
【Season】 everyday (Dependent on weather)
【Time】 10:30 - 14:00 (Not including Lunch)
※ May change depending on season, weather and participants

【Price】 ¥8,000 (Excl.-tax) per person
※ May change depending on season and participants

【Included in price】
● Rental price of bicycle (incl. helmet) ● Guide price ●Insurance ● Food (incl. Wine or non-alcoholic wine)
● Light snacks